Magic: The Gathering deck ideas

Today I'm working on casual constructed Magic. I'm looking for something fun for Sunday afternoons when I want a break from the usual.

First on my list, Modern no-ban list Storm. Loading Ready Run played this deck in the Community Super League. I'm so in love with the deck. I copied it here to MTGGoldfish.  I won't play the deck enough to justify buying into a Modern version of the deck but the long list of banned cards come cheaply. I don't quite have everything put together. But, I am super bad at piloting the deck.  I've been goldfishing about a couple hours a week practicing stringing everything together. 

Second, @Efropoker played a Land Destruction deck at GP Los Angeles.  This deck plays a turn 2 Stone Rain into a turn 3 Mwonvuli Acid-Moss.  The plan is to remove your opponent's lands while ramping up into big finishers. 

Next week, I'm looking at Eternal Masters for deck ideas.  So many cards at their cheapest.