Magic: The Gathering deck ideas

Today I'm working on casual constructed Magic. I'm looking for something fun for Sunday afternoons when I want a break from the usual.

First on my list, Modern no-ban list Storm. Loading Ready Run played this deck in the Community Super League. I'm so in love with the deck. I copied it here to MTGGoldfish.  I won't play the deck enough to justify buying into a Modern version of the deck but the long list of banned cards come cheaply. I don't quite have everything put together. But, I am super bad at piloting the deck.  I've been goldfishing about a couple hours a week practicing stringing everything together. 

Second, @Efropoker played a Land Destruction deck at GP Los Angeles.  This deck plays a turn 2 Stone Rain into a turn 3 Mwonvuli Acid-Moss.  The plan is to remove your opponent's lands while ramping up into big finishers. 

Next week, I'm looking at Eternal Masters for deck ideas.  So many cards at their cheapest. 

Valentines Day 2014

Since Penny and I had such a big event for our anniversary.  We planned to keep Valentines Day low key.  (We didn't really end up keeping to that.)  The plan involved a fun dinner and dessert.  I'm not much of a cook or a baker but wanted to try making something new.  So I offered to bake a cake.  

Penny looked for cakes on Pinterest and found just the thing.  

The cake from portal!!  We did some googling and found a bunch of different recipes and settled on a Black Forest cake recipe from  

 Making the Filling

Making the Filling

I didn't think to take pictures until it was too late.  I just got pictures of making filling and cooling the cakes.



Here's the finished cake.  It tasted really good.  I did get help from Penny mixing the cream and covering with crumbs.